Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blind Side

Scrapbook USA is usually a working weekend that Larry spends with the girls... this year, Larry did something to his back and they sent him back early to recover with me and Conrad at home. Thank you girls! After two long days of working the Scrapbook USA show in SLC, everyone is pretty tired. We ordered dinner in and settled in to watch the Blind Side... easily one of our favorite movies of all times :)

I went to a baby shower for my niece Amanda Shaw at Larry's parents. My favorite part was just visiting with Betty and Joe for a couple of hours after everyone left. It was just real nice and made me happy. I love them so much.

Tonight, Lindsey, Katie & Abby talked me into playing some kind of Mario game on the Wii. Not sure the name as I am not a regular player of the game. No interest, clearly no talent. But I do like to spend time with them. I would say I am considered more of an entertaining easy win. So when Katie was into the game and yelled 'Oh Balls", I was a bit surprised and thought I possibly had not heard her correctly... but one sweet smile from her told me it was a borrowed word from Ransom. Oh! The joy of boys (really men... but boys rhymed!)
Movie time snuggling with Ransom, Katie and Conrad


Chocolates for Breakfast said...

i really am trying to comment on the 50 year dip, but according to my computer that page doesn't exist?! anyway...happy pre-birthday! may you never grow up! sure glad that my 50th wasn't anywhere near yours! (the only thing you could talk me in to would be jumping into a vat of chocolate!)

Becky said...

I haven't seen the movie Blind Side yet and I've only played Wii once so I probably wouldn't be any competition either...but I'd be a great cheeleader for you all.