Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rule #1 Eat Breakfast

In about three weeks I will be turning 50. That's right. A FAILING economy, FAT and FIFTY... all in one day. My first plan was to be thin and trim by April 13. Well quite clearly that plan did not work. Plan B. Mat Gover owner and personal trainer of EXL Fitness had come to our church to teach the youth about fitness this past year and I was very impressed and comfortable with him.Thank goodness for plan B's.

So I did what every normal overweight person does before the beginning of a new life, but few admit to... I woke up this morning and had my favorite ice cream and when I got home, I had some more. I ate my Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies on my way over and then walked in his doors, ready to begin... in my pj bottoms of all things, which was all I had on hand. I need to pick up some decent work out clothes tomorrow.

Mat believes in using your own weight to create a cardio, weight strengthening program all in one. I will meet with him every two weeks and learn more about fitness and nutrition as I try to develop new lifetime habits. An affordable answer for a personal trainer. I weighed, he measured, I swore. I have a hard time not jumping in with everything I have, but I am learning that effort is not sustainable and I have fizzled out in the past. He gave me just two assignments for the next two weeks
1. Eat Breakfast, with protein and a serving of fish oil
2. Make a list of my short and long term goals

When all is said and done, the turtle won the race didn't he? How old was that turtle?


Chocolates for Breakfast said...

for what it is worth...though you are flirting with fifty, i think you are fun and fabulous!

Becky said...

Way to go! You do have a tendency to go extreme in take it easy and develop lifetime habits. Good luck with your trainer; sounds like he's motivating you and will help you be accountable. I can't help with the FAILING economy, but in my eyes you are FABULOUS and FIFTY!

Beth said...

Oh Brenda how I love your FACE! Your are a persistent one, keep it up :)

Marilyn said...

Guess what-I hit the big FIVE-O two years ago and it's actually okay.....