Monday, March 29, 2010

The 50 Year Dip

Today we jumped into Deer Creek to celebrate our 50 years of life. Jan's #50 Bday was a little over two weeks ago and mine is in a little over 2 weeks. Today is the middle ground of both. I am not sure how I talked her into it, but am sure glad she came. I love her!

As we drove up to Deer Creek, it was hard not to notice the snow covered ground and we had to look around for some shore line that had enough water available... most is still covered in ice. Cold? Brain freeze cold for sure. We quickly jumped in and out, high-pitched screaming the entire time. Crazy as it seems, it is times like this that make us feel alive. Yes I know, the clingy wet t-shirt look on me is horrifying, but I was not about to do it again :)


susana said...

brrrrr brreenda! with this kind of logic, I am glad I was born in late summer. At which time, I will follow your lead and in the same manor, jump enthusiastically into a hot tub to celebrate my 50th year.
You're totally crazY! but I love you anyway.

Becky said...

You guys are crazy...why 50 is getting heart attack age! I still can't believe you did that. For sure it was your idea Miss Brenda. Jan is a true, crazy friend. Happy 50 to you both.

MSmith said...

You guys are NUTS - but I'm glad to know you!

Whitney said...

brenda you are crazy! when i turn 50 ill probably sit back in my recliner and look at a river on tv while eating doritos and dreaming of those delicious cupcakes cheesecake those we awsome. i alomost had to fight my daughter for those she quickly learned brenda's cupcakes were off limits. later cord miss yall