Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Power of One

My intent is not to offend anyone reading this, but it is our family blog and is a good place to post our beliefs and concerns. Whether you agree or not, feel free to comment. Larry and I went to our first Utah County Republican Party Caucus tonight. It has been one of the few times I have felt the power of one. It is easy to complain about what is going on with the socialized direction of our country, which has slowly been happening for the past 50 years. I am for going back to our roots of a smaller government and follow our Constitution as laid out by it's inspired founders, with faith and trust in God. It feels good to begin to do something about it.

After we read through the platform tonight, my only comment to the group was how little the words mean to me anymore. They are empty words, the Republicans have lost my trust long ago, the Democrats even more so. Where are the honest, inspiring good leaders that will help strengthen our country and guide us? A leader that has good core values, that wants to lead for the sake of goodness and not for political gain? It's the whole system that needs to be changed. Is it all about two sides fighting back and forth and never being able to move forward as a country? I think the majority of people are tired of politics as usual. I am a conservative and I am not sure the Republican party actions represent me anymore, they have a lot of repair work to do.

I have read through both the Utah County Republican Platform and Utah County Democratic Platform and find myself liking both very much on a local level. We have many common grounds, but the local Democratic platform does not begin to translate into the National Democratic Platform with all of their hidden agendas. Follow the actions of all of our politicians and not just their words... that's where we will find the truth.

Obama disappointments for me?

No transparency
Appointed Czars
Is not bi partisan, does not pull our country together
Special treatment to unions
Back door deals
Wants to redistribute wealth through the government
Vilifies business
Sweetheart deals
Very arrogant
Growing the size of the government (government jobs generally do not bring in revenue)
Growing our national debt even more, still blaming the republicans, but two wrongs don't make a right
His party voted for a health care plan that they don't know anything about
I do not trust him.

This is our time to stand up and be heard, whatever our beliefs are. It all begins or ends with us... the power of one.


susana said...

way to go caucusing! I've been a delegate many times including this year. My big local issue right now has to do with the new redistricting soon to be happening again (I can't stand the way utah has been gerymanderer to death...but I'll save that for my own blog =D)
In the meantime, here's a great non- partisan idea that could really take hold and fix a lot of whats wrong. It's about 4 mins long, but I thin you'll agree.


Whitney said...

i totally agree i hate having to pick between the best of two evils and this time i believe the worst of two evils won obama. i can tell you one thing the power of one was in full effect in utah over spring break. A plate of delicous cup cakes and only me between them and avery. the battle began i was devowering them as quick as possible when ave delivered a blow by grabing one and starting in on it. I was trying to finsh the one i had in order to take the one she began to eat. but to no avail she finished it but i figure one sacrafice for the was worth the other ten was worth it. thank you for the cup cakes they were amazing as usual. cord