Friday, April 2, 2010

Missing Tennessee

Why do I blog? True, it's a good record of our day to day family lives, but my favorite reason is for my sister Becky in Tennessee and her family. In an instant we can take a peak into our days and stay connected and then they don't feel so far away, usually. But there have been many days this past years(s) when I just need my sister here. Now. Our lives are so different, yet they are the same. Her life is on the farm, mine is in a neighborhood. She is raising all boys, I am raising girls... but her boys are my boys, now men. My daughters are her girls. She is always near me, even though she is in Tennessee.

Today their chicks have arrived. Cute little things full of hope... not knowing they will quickly become a Sunday meal this next winter. I love both worlds for different reasons and until I get to see her again, I have to count my blessings and be grateful for the blogging and the phone calls. If you are curious about farm life, take a peak at the Little Family blog, you'll be glad you took the time :)
Love, Brenda

My Nephew Charles


Becky said...

"Ditto" I agree with everything you said. I love you madly and miss you too. We have different lives, but the same hearts. Summer will be here in a flash...see you soon. XXO

MSmith said...

Nothing quite so precious as a sister - love mine too.