Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

Today was extra special. My Valentines actually started yesterday with a plate of chocolate covered strawberries from Larry. Lindsey and Abby treated us to a day off and made us dinner today, all kept top secret until it was time to eat. They sent us to our room for a long afternoon nap and told us under no circumstances were we to come out.... probably the best gift kids can give their parents. We were surprised with a tackily decorated table (their theme) and the best smelling kitchen I think we have ever had... Chicken Scampi. All through dinner very little was said as we practically moaned through our first helpings and got seconds. They brought out the most tacky puppy love dog cake for dessert to finish off their theme, but thankfully had made a yummy back up dessert.

Today at church, Brother Call spoke and told of a friend that said living the Gospel of Jesus Christ was too hard. He said he thought his friend was dead wrong. Life, especially now, is hard and by being obedient and staying close to the Lord, we can have a life filled with peace and joy. We need Him more than ever. It doesn't mean life will be easy or without problems, but God gives us strength to get through them.


Julie said...

Hahahaha we saw those dog cakes at Harmons and I begged my mom to buy one, but no luck. How awesome.

Becky said...

Happy Valentines to you all. Only in my dreams would my boys tell me to stay in my rooom while they made dinner. I love my men though! They gave me the sweetest cards. Call you soon.

Anonymous said...

I know I've never commented on your blog before, Brenda - but after reading this entry I have to say I love chocolate covered strawberries. Yum! What a sweet husband you have!