Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Elder Birrell

We have ourselves a missionary! Our nephew Cameron (age 19) begins his full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints tomorrow morning. He will serve the people in the Missouri area for 2 years and I know he will be such a blessing in their lives. When able, nothing will prepare a boy for life more than a mission, where they lose their life in the service of others and rely on the Lord. No girls, no cellphones, no TV, no movies, no electronic gadgets and two phone calls home a year on Christmas and Mother's Day. Yes! to letters and care pkgs. What he will get in return is priceless.

He will spend the next 2 years with a constant missionary companion that will change every 2-3 months. We were talking before he left and we found ourselves thinking that every missionary writes home with bad missionary companion stories, yet no missionary I have ever talked with ever admits they were a bad companion. Where do the bad missionaries go? Whoever ends up with Cameron will consider themselves blessed... positive, easy going and dang funny! Did I say how much we love this young man and how much we will miss him?

Elder Cameron Birrell
Missouri, St.Louis Mission


MSmith said...

Tell him to hit Maggie Jo (my niece)and Dan Whiting up for meals - they are in St. Louis.

Catherine said...

In July, when your nephew's mission merges with three others, he'll be with my nephew. Cool! Elder Loveland...he's just been out since late fall and is a great guy.