Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Tree

The Friday after Thanksgiving has always been saved to go to the tree farm and pick out our Christmas Tree. Ash & Paul came along and picked out theirs too. It is not an easy task... just when you think you have the the perfect one, someone else finds one equal to, if not better. This year there was a long wait to tag them. So while Larry & Paul went to pay, we stood by our trees and entertained ourselves. But then I found one tree and then another and soon I lost track of where our perfect tree was, which frustrated the heck out of our kids. Abby picked out a tree that should be ready in 10 years. Conrad came along and called out La la (for Ashlee) which drove Lindsey nuts and she started throwing snowballs at he and Ashlee. She wants a pet name from him and is working on getting one. This year we chopped down a tree with character that Kelsie picked out and then we were off to get a hamburger at JCW's. Larry & Ash went to the football game BYU 26 Utah 23 in overtime.

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Becky said...

What fun. We usually get our tree the weekend after thanksgiving too...except not this year. We'll do it sometime next week. It can be a difficult job picking out the perfect tree, with lots of opinions. Your kids will look back on this special time with warm thoughts and pass down your family tradition.