Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

When I think about Thanksgiving, my first thought is my Mom. Her pumpkin pies and her stuffing. She would set some aside in a dish on the counter for us to nibble on... out of this world good! It's a good memory and I try to make it as best I can when it is our turn to have everyone over... but it never really is quite the same.

I love Thanksgiving Day. A day set aside for thankfulness... no needed presents or extra festivities... just basic thankfulness. A day being with family & friends and remembering all the blessings we have in our lives. I have needed it. It is real easy to focus on the negative or things I can't change, instead of my blessings... My faith, family & friends, good health, living in America. I am especially thankful for those that are serving to protect our freedoms and their families who sacrifice so much. This year everyone stayed & visited at Larry's parents home and played games long after the food was gone, or I should say put away as leftovers... it was a wonderful day and we ate far more than people should :)
Ransom, Katie, Larry, Ashlee, Paul
Lindsey, Brenda & Conrad, Kelsie & Abby

Abby, Kelsie, Katie, Lindsey & Ashlee

Larry's mom, Betty and her world's best banana cream pie

1. Conrad 2. Sandi & Marlise, Lindsey 3. Larry's parents, Betty & Joe
4. Abby & Austin 5. Kevin & Ransom 6. Katie & Alex

1. Sydney & Jessica 2. Lindsey & Abby 3. Jill & Cameron
4. Filling plates 5. Ashlee & Zac 6. Kristen & Betty

1. Kelsie & Katie 2. Scott, Jill & Cameron 3. Brenda & Jill
4. Joe & Kevin 5. Betty & Lindsey 6. Lindsey and Uncle Brent

1. Katie & Conrad 2. Playing new card game of Scott's 3. Paul & Zac
4. Speed Scrabble 5. Larry & Cameron 6. A room filled with family


Becky said...

Great family photo and picture of the girls. Everyday they grow more beautiful. Loved the pictures and it looks like you all had a wonderful day. Betty and Joe look great :) We have so much to be thankful for....Hey, Is that a new way of playing phase 10?

Peter said...

Really nice photos.

Regarding Speed Scrabble, if you're interested, you can play online.