Monday, November 30, 2009

He can still be a Fireman :)

Ransom and I grabbed our shotguns and the gazillion pumpkins we had sitting around the house and headed to our favorite quick place to shoot up Squaw Peak. We lugged our first load of pumpkins up the hill and our shells and went back for more... The sheriff was walking up the road and asked if we had heard any shots and we smiled and said, 'no, not yet'. But we did just drag our first load of pumpkins up. He said you can't do that, it's illegal. I asked how can it be illegal? We do it all the time. He said there are signs posted everywhere (see below). Funny thing is people just shoot off the signs. Good thing is we didn't get a ticket and Ransom has a clean firearms record so he can still be a Fireman one day. Thank goodness! We weren't about to lug them back so Ransom had fun smashing them everywhere for the deer. It was good just to get outside. Now it seems our only option is the west side of the dessert... a bit further away. Ugh!


Becky said...

Good story and good thing you weren't in the middle of a pumpkin shootout! Liked the "No Shooting" sign. So where do you go to shoot? That story could have ended a lot worse...glad I don't have to come visit you in jail :)

susana said...

ohhh that's too bad, it seems like such a harmless and fun little sport.