Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cutest Bag in Town!

Abby made the CUTEST bag in sewing II at school. Though you can't tell while Abby poses for me, she must be at least a little delighted with it as she will not give it to me. All of my girls are careful not to call them purses...how dated! They are bags Mom.

I am delighted with the new designs and colors of fabric now. I want to be a collector of fabric again, but tell myself I can only buy it when I have a project I will complete right away. Since I'm still working on Kelsie's graduation quilt , I don't see it in my future for a while. I do love to see my girls sew & stitch on projects and be creative :)


Ransom & Katie Bigelow said...

Do you think she'd make one for me? I love that fabric! Where did she get it at?

Abby said...

They take too long but I will let you make yourself one! And by the way mom, I made it in Clothing I.

Becky said...

Abby, you bring back memories of when I took sewing in high school. Darling bag. Keep on sewing and developing your talent.