Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Candy Corn Cupcakes

Katie & Abby got together tonight and made candy corn cupcakes. They dyed the batter yellow and orange, then layered in cupcake liners. We could tell by their laughter they had a good time together, especially frosting them. Still long hours at work and I am wondering when it will end... Today after several trips to the paint store, I painted the old Pebbles Inc. area in the basement blue, orange & white in preparation for a digital classroom. The colors are fresh & peppy. I hit a home-run with the color choices and was tickled pink... or in this case blue & orange :)


The Ashtons said...

Tomorrow I'm going to Nicole's photo crash course at the shop. I hope I'll see you there!

Becky said...

How fun for you girls and they look scrumptious. Brenda, I like your color choices for Pebbles. You have great taste and vision :)

Becky said...

PS I like your new glasses Katie!