Sunday, August 16, 2009

Volcano Stove

The emergency preparedness boxes are still piled high in the kitchen... hand grinder and flaker, water purifier, solar oven, volcano stove and alcohol stove. We told ourselves that we will keep them in the kitchen until we learn how to use them... and so they have sat for 4 months+. It just makes sense to get comfortable and learn how to use these products before an emergency happens. Today the girls cooked monkey bread on the volcano stove and learned how to use it. Yummy! You can cook anything on this nifty stove and it will be great for everyday life and camping too! Larry, Paul & Ash learned how to use the water purifier too. Yippee! Two boxes out of the kitchen and a little more peace of mind:)
(FYI: We got a great deal on our Volcano Stove & Imperial Berkey
Water Purifier through Vicki Tate 435.835.8283)


Betsy said...

Hi Sister Birrell!
I love reading your blog, your family always does such fun things. I wanted to ask you how your family does the outside movies? What equipment do you use? I want to try it but need a little help on the details.
Betsy (Packham) Christopherson

Becky said...

Looks like you're gonna have fun trying out your new gadgets. Survival has never been more fun...or should I say "practicing survival"!