Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Full Day

This morning I woke up before the sun and went outside as soon as it was light. I weeded the backyard from one end to the other... pruning bushes, trees and dead heading flowers while listening to Neil Diamond. Then Larry climbed into the trees and started to cut down the branches I pointed to. I think I got the better end of the deal. Huge piles are ready for the green land fill and everything sure looks better. I have realized I am project driven... I like to get things done. I just have to remember to keep my life in balance, which is easier said than done.

I was thinking about my life when Larry was up in the tree today. Have you ever caught a glimpse of part of your life and realize you don't like it and know you need to change it, but wonder how? I think through most of the years of our marriage, Larry and I have had a divide and conquer plan. I do this, he does that and we meet up after. I think with a growing family and work, that a lot of this was necessary, but we have gotten in the habit of doing it most of the time and then I think we miss out on the small little moments of being together. I can see we need to do more errands and projects together. That said, I just could not get myself to go grocery shopping with him, but I am working towards it.

Larry and I played 3 games of Fugitive tonight with the kids. It has easily become one of our favorite night time games. There are drivers and there are runners. The runners have to get from point A to point B within a certain amount of time, without getting caught by a driver... lots of fence jumping, hiding behind cars and bushes and dashing across streets. Once caught,they have to get in the car. All will sleep soundly tonight.
My tree climber

Our good buy of the day on ebay and only 99 cents :)
Antique metal Open sign / double sided 8" x 18"

'Fugitive' players tonight


Becky said...

Fugitive sounds like fun. Imagine you have to live in a city with neighborhoods to play it huh? We spent our day working too, mowing the yard, weeding and scraping the old paint off the garage in preparation to paint again. We ended our night with a Hallmark movie.

Birrell Family said...

You can't beat a Hallmark movie to end a day. It sounds like a very productive day:)

Whitney said...

Fugitive sounds fun! I wish we lived there so we can play! Ive decided we will just sell the house an dmove up there, when the market finally goes up a bit lol. Ill tell Cord sometimes about my decision...I agree about the divide and conquer thing. Cord and I do the same thing and it does seem we miss out on so much but right now it is necessary. We put in our wood floor today! Ill post pictures soon! How are you all? how Are ransom katie and Conrad?