Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hi Susan!

Tonight I feel like a piece of my life has returned to me. I feel joyful. I just got through talking to Susan, my best friend from Jr. High & High School. Through my actions, I lost my way and we grew apart our Senior year. Looking back, I don't even know who that person was and I feel so grateful for a fresh start, as a much wiser person and perhaps feeling a bit forgiven.

Just a few of my favorite memories:
I remember one night, we decided to try and stay awake all night at her house. We wrote notes to her mom and put them in her cupboards to surprise her in the morning. Very late at night, Susan wanted me to cut her hair. She wanted her curls cut off. Now anyone with half a brain would know that cutting your first head of hair late at night is not a good thing. Against my better judgment, in my non-thinking brain, I did it anyway, knowing I could do a good job. We finally fell asleep. I woke up before she did and knew immediately that something was way wrong. I remember laying next to her and staring at her hair, closing my eyes when I thought she was waking. An appointment at JC Penneys was made for the morning.

In High School, we took most of our classes together and thinking we spent too much time together, we decided we needed to branch out and walk to class our separate ways, so we could meet new people. I think this lasted maybe a week or two. We missed each other.

We were so much alike. I believe we still are in so many ways. We were not fashionable nor into makeup. We never accessorized. 'Low maintenance' is what we would be labeled today. "Natural Beauties" we would think to ourselves with a smile. We were just our silly selves and I have dearly missed her through the years. There is so much to catch up on :)

My friend Susan Stutz 1977

On top Cascade Mountain 1977
Brenda Morris, Ryan Packard, Nan Drewey, Randy Ostler & Susan Stutz


Becky said...

Hi Susan. As you can tell my sister is a blogger. I'm glad you and Brenda are keeping in touch, friendships like yours are too important to let slip away. Hope to see you when I come visiting. Loved the Unified pictures Brenda...I guess we've all changed, but thankfully our hearts become wiser like you mentioned!

susana said...

Hi Brenda...backatcha and thanks. I too was walking on cloud nine last evening, it was so good to just talk with you again. I hope next time will be soon!
Hi Becky, I would very much love to visit with you too, you could help fill in the missing (un-remembered) gaps; because You, Becky were also,very much part of the "morris" experience! love ya both

Mackey Family said...

Apparently you didn't have to wear clothes back then! Wawoooooo!

Birrell Family said...

Nope. It was a different world back then :)