Monday, August 31, 2009

Paul + Scum = Just What I Needed :)

Sunday afternoon, Paul satisfied his sweet tooth with a S'more made over a candle on our kitchen table... quite ingenious. Afterwards Paul, Lindsey, Kelsie & Josh and I played SCUM. Paul was a total funny weirdo that kept us laughing the entire time with his singing & bantering. Before we knew it, 3 hours had gone by... with me being the king for 80% of the time, much to the frustration of the lowly others. Then Lindsey and Paul made a yummy dinner to welcome everyone home from St. George, while I still pondered this scrapbook market of ours. We sat and visited for an extra long time outside under the patio lights and got caught up on all the news. I am glad they are home :)
Paul is struggling with the pepper mill?

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Becky said...

Never heard of the game Scum. You'll have to teach me when I'm there next and then you won't be in the 80% winners bracket :) Glad you have such wonderful son's in law. They are there when you need them.