Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Tonight I just got back from being with a friend who is struggling. It's late. I'm tired but can't sleep with all the thoughts in my head. I know meltdowns are a part of life. We all have our times of feeling that life is too overwhelming. With the exception of playing SCUM, mine has now lasted 4 days, 7 hours and 47 minutes. I've try to mask it pretty well with a cheery face, but inside it's there. Tonight I feel differently as my thoughts are not on me, but my friend. I realize that as I focus on my own problems, my world becomes small and turns inward. When I focus on others, my world opens up and I see the need around me... I have a friend who has a new grandchild with a terminal illness, a friend who has a prescription drug problem, a friend in serious condition who is fighting an infection, a friend who is praying to have a child and friends that may be losing their home. Yes, my problems are still there, but they are instantly put into a clearer perspective. Like my wise friend told me yesterday, we are here to bare each others burdens (Thanks Vicki). My family has been extra extra good to me. I'm learning and pray I will move forward with my eyes always on others.


Ransom & Katie Bigelow said...

I sure love ya Brenda!

Kat said...

I liked how you phrased "my world becomes small and turns inward... focus on others, my world opens us."

Marilyn said...

Sending hugs to you from AZ! Could it also possibly be hormones???? (been there done that) I know that when I feel gratitude for my blessings, especially prayers with only gratitude, it helps a lot. Thanks for sharing.