Sunday, August 30, 2009


Call it what it is. Mom's gone crazy. Mom is unbalanced. Mom can't stop crying. I was supposed to go to St. George for a missionary homecoming on Friday, our nephew Jevan is home. I lost it. Looking back it wasn't such a monumentally hard thing to do, but piled up with everything, life feels overwhelming. It's usually better the next day, or sometimes it takes a weekend for me to clear my head & count my blessings. Larry's in school, slow economy, changing scrapbook market, politics, my diet with God as my partner is not going so well ... I stayed in my jammies to nest and ponder. Larry, Ashlee & Abby gave me hugs and made the trip without me.

Scrapbooking isn't necessarily dead, but it is transitioning once again. It's easy to blame slower sales on the economy, but with digital, scrapbooking is in the perfect storm. For family history, how do you compete with the far reaching arms of blogging? What I write this morning, my sister Becky can see moments later. I love reading our family & friends blogs and staying in touch. To move forward, Pebbles will need to become more of a memory boutique, still with scrapbook supplies, but also memorable gifts, special kits and digital announcements and invites.

Yesterday afternoon, Paul, Kelsie and Josh, closed my lap top, put me in the car and off to the dollar movie to see the new Star Trek, still in my jammies. 'You need to get out', they said. It was sold out and in my head, I was thinking, 'God answers prayers'. So it was a home movie 'Soloist'. We did go to lunch earlier to Magleby's and celebrated their 30th anniversary with 1979 prices and had a good time together. Lindsey hosted a bridal shower in our backyard. I know my life stresses are really no larger than others, we all just take turns falling apart from time to time. Family is coming home today, they have been missed.


susana said...

There's a lot of people out here who love ya...including me and I hope you get feeling better. ;-D

Kat said...

thinking of you. meltdowns sometimes are needed. you amaze me - you're good to the core.

Becky said...

We get stressed whenever life gets out of balance. You knew exactly what you with no demands.I know how your mind works,time to gather your thoughts together,getting your priorities in line, making the necessary changes in your life/business. Sometimes we get to relying on ourselves too much and that's when we get in trouble. Lay everything at the Lord's feet. He'll take much better care of you.

Beth said...

Oh dear sweet Brenda, how I love you. Wish I saw you more so I could hug you more. Hang in there- meltdowns are just away to purge your soul :)

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

love you tons!