Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy #18 Bday Josh

Today we celebrated Josh's Bday. He is finally 18! To start his day, Kelsie made him bisquits and gravy for breakfast. We got together for dinner and games and invited his Mom & sister for dinner. I made Alfredo Sauce and somehow I curdled it, but Larry quickly ran to Olive Garden and picked some up and saved dinner. It was the best Alfredo Sauce I've ever made :) A lesson to me that not all things can be cooked on high. Since Josh liked the Twilight movie so much, I had Josh at Pebbles make a movie poster to surprise him. He did a great job trading out their faces from other pictures (Thanks Josh!) and then we played vampire games. Each team had to blow up balloons, draw faces on them and then run back and bite the balloons with vampire teeth to pop it, killing our victims. Sounds horrid doesn't it? Then Ashlee made him his favorite yummy lemon bars. Ransom made him the world's smallest Bday card and we played Murder in the Dark. It was a good day :)

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Becky said...

Happy 18th birthday Josh. Looks like you had a most memorable one. Great biting my Kelsie on the neck now!!