Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Shopping Patterns of a Non-Shopper

Today I stopped by Ashlee's and was treated to an orange/pineapple juice popsicle... yummy. It was in a no-drip container, totally cool and healthy. Thanks to Ashlee who called ahead and had them set aside, I instantly ran out and bought 12 on clearance at Shopko, a seemingly large amount that will probably last the rest of my life. Maybe even enough to hand out at my funeral, which should draw a crowd. As a non-shopper, this makes complete sense in my mind. I stock pile all kinds of things for the simple reason that I do not want to go shopping for them again. It has to be a solid purchase that will be used. Take eyebrow wax for instance, which has turned into upper lip wax too, as I get older. I haven't bought wax for years. Same with t-shirts, though I find myself telling people that I'm wearing a clean shirt, in case there is a possibility they may be thinking I am double dipping and wearing the same shirt two days in a row. They look at me with blank faces, most people don't track what a person wears each day... or do they?


Becky said...

You bought 12?? They are washable and reusable...Your personality is showing! You must be planning ahead for a large family reunion one day:) On the plus side, you've got plenty of room to store them as you just had a yard sale!!

Amanda and Jake Matagi said...

Brenda- I love your shopping style, its unique! I love it. Now that you have twelve of them we can have a family party and eat yummy popsicles!

Tina said...

I seem to be a huge sucker for Clearance or the word SALE as my husband says. Even if we dont really need it I just have to have it becuase it was a great deal. So i'm laughing my head off reading this.