Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lion King... again

Today I spent time with Conrad. He says 'No' and shakes his head back and forth when we offer him things to eat. Of course his first word was 'More'.... usually cookies, grapes, strawberries or anything he can dip. We watched Lion King and went for a walk through the neighborhood. He has learned to run and I had to walk very fast to keep up with him. He always stopped when he spotted the bicycles and tried to get on each one and spin the wheels. We walked in the rain and loved to feel the raindrops on our faces and he would squeal. Then we came home and guess what? We watched Lion King again before he had another bath in the kitchen sink :)

Abby, Miranda and Dallen played cards out in the trailer tonight and kept getting spooked by the wind and scraping branches.

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Becky said...

He reminds me of Randy when he was younger with his movies. Once Randy had a favorite (Dumbo), that was it. No other movie would do.