Saturday, June 20, 2009

Welcome Home Abby

Abby's home! Yippee! We sure missed her and kept our fingers crossed that she would have a good time. It was hard, wet and memorable. We are so happy she is home. My photo op of our Pioneer Abby didn't happen, her skirt was off long before she got off the bus. It took her just minutes to clean up, get comfy with a good book and look forward to grilled hamburgers tonight! We appreciate and thank all the leaders that made this experience happen. Something funny? As we were talking in the church parking lot to those that went, a man asked if I had gone on the trek... clearly he was not aware of the simple preparation I take to get ready for my day. I smiled at this awkward moment and realize there are days my presentation bar is quite low :)

It has rained hard all day today and promises to do so again tomorrow. The hot days of summer have yet to arrive, weather is still in the 70's... perfect! I rode my bike yesterday in the downpour and had a glorious time getting wet to my skin. I only came across one other person outside and we agreed that we were the lucky ones.

Abby & Miranda


Chocolates for Breakfast said...

so you don't feel bad, back in my YW leader days, I had been at girls camp for 3 days and on Stake night Bro Burton came up as a High Councilor...he didn't recognize me!

Birrell Family said...

I remember that... no way out for him with that awkward moment. We just have to smile :)