Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Day of Homecomings

Today we puttered around home and enjoyed the rain. You can't beat the summer thunderstorms of Utah when they quickly blow in over the lake and the skies turn dark gray. I went grocery shopping early this morning with Lindsey, who had the nerve to tell me I was a novice shopper and she explained how her Dad does the shopping... apparently I went back and forth across the store once too often. I don't go shopping too often (almost never) and there are always new discoveries down each isle.

Half our family got home late this afternoon from St. George. I sure missed them and am so thankful they got home safely. I did enjoy spending extra time with Lindsey and Kelsie, most especially our night time sleepovers. Kelsie left tonight for the airport to pick up her friend Josh... She has been happily skipping around home all day keeping us in the loop... 10 more hours, 3 more hours... still amazed he is finally coming. It will take a few days for her to realize he is here to stay :)
Kelsie just leaving in her I Love Josh t-shirt

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Brittany and Scott said...

kelsie, cute shirt. i need one of those, but i'd need to replace josh with scott so it doesn't get weird. brenda i thought of you today. we had chicken with the raspberry chiptole goodness from costco.