Friday, June 12, 2009


There are a few things that Larry & I simply don't agree with. Stuff on the fridge happens to be one of them. When we redid the kitchen a few years ago, he was thinking about a stainless steel fridge. 'The fridge stuff won't stick to it', I said. 'Exactly' he replied. Hmmm... When we knew that our busy lives wouldn't go well with the hand prints and upkeep that come with stainless steel, I was happily relieved.

Ransom & Katie, his brother David and Conrad made these cute little animals for me using their handprints... I couldn't wait to make them a home in their place of honor... our fridge. Can they be any cuter?

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Becky said...

How cute! I couldn't imagine a fridge without memories on's one of the focal points of a kitchen.