Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pamper Time

For the past couple of days my family has reminded me to be home Tuesday night at 7pm. Period. Just be home. Something was up and I for the life of me could not figure out what it was. Soon after 7pm, Ashlee walked into the family room with a tub of hot water and began to soak my feet. Than she exfoliated and rubbed lotion all over them. Next, Katie brought all my fingernail polish choices to me. Icy blue... much different than the standard pink, and blue is after all Larry's favorite color. Abby kept me cool by fanning me and she and Kelsie kept me hydrated with lemon water and fresh strawberries during my pamper time. Truth be told... Kelsie & Abby didn't want to touch my feet, ' but, we can feed her strawberries!' Lindsey gave me a great hand / arm massage. Ransom ended with a refreshing back massage that made me make noises. He kept laughing and telling me to be quiet, but honestly, I couldn't. In the busyness of life, I forget about pampering myself. It was a sweet surprise and felt strangely wonderful. I think this is what heaven feels like :)


Becky said...

Do you know how blessed you are? To think your girls got together and planned this pampering time for you. What a gift. Thank you girls for the love you show your mother. She's the hardest working woman I know. You're looking good Brenda!

bulkleybunch said...

i wouldn't want to touch your feet either!! what an amazing family you've created! so great! :)