Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Weakness

I am a non shopper except in the Spring when I head over to the plant nurseries. There is just something special about those little four inch perennials... you want to buy them and give them a home. I got the veggies for our garden and this year we are going to keep it simple and grow a salsa garden... all different kinds of peppers & tomatoes will keep us in fresh salsa throughout the summer.

For church tonight, our Young Women's group went to the Henderson's home in our neighborhood and weeded their yard. It felt so good to be outside and even better to be serving one of our favorite older couples in our church family.

We practiced talking on Skype today for the first time. Skype highlight? Kelsie was able to see Josh in Michigan for the first time in a month on the computer screen. Way cool! She was so happy the rest of the day :)

My plants :)

Young Women weeding at Henderson's

Kelsie & Abby


Becky said...

When I go shopping it's to the Co-op or nurseries too. Happy gardening. Good service project for the girls. It fills our hearts with joy when we are seving others. By the way, what is Skype? I must be out of touch with the computer world:)

paul & ashlee said...

yes, but mom, your weakness is at least a beauty! it was really cool to see josh in skype. i really am excited for him to come out next month. i am excited to grow pumpkins...baking pumpkins here i come!