Monday, May 11, 2009


Tonight we had the Talbot's over for grilled hamburgers and playtime. Wesley is leaving for his LDS mission to Long Beach, CA this Wednesday. I don't think it's possible to have anymore fun when we get together and we have been blessed to have so many good memories as our kids have grown through the years... they easily became family and are much loved by each of us. Tonight we played the shoe/sock game. Girls ruled :)
The Birrell & Talbot Kids1. Lisa & Wes 2. Wes, Brett, Chad & Jake 3. Chad, Jenilyn & Ava
4. Mike, Lisa & Wes 5. Jennilyn, Marnie & Amanda 6. The Talbot Family

1. Playing table shuffleboard 2. Conrad 3. Conrad & Ava
4. My bunless hamburgers :)

1. Mike & Ava 2. Katie & Ransom, Paul, Mike 3. Ashlee & Paul, Chad
4. Ashlee, Lisa, Amanda, Marnie 5. Jake & Amanda, Abby, Lisa
6. Wesley, Katie, Amanda


Amanda and Jake Matagi said...

Thanks Birrell Family for putting on a fabulous party. We always have so much fun together. Lastnight after Jake and I got home he said " I love getting together with them, it is so much fun". So thanks again and I can't wait for our river trips this summer!

Brett said...

Thanks for all your preparation and love!! We love you guys too!!

Judi said...

So Brenda--I am totaly stealing some of those pics!! They are great ones of a great fam and I never get any from my brother anyway! thanks for all you do for them ♥♥

Becky said...

Great pictures Brenda.,,,gosh they've all grown into beautiful adults! I know it's an emotinal time as they send Wesley off on his mission. God will take great care of him! Tell Lisa and the family hello for me and I'll keep Wesley in my prayers.