Saturday, May 16, 2009

Busy Saturday

We started our day by cleaning out the garage... always amazed at the clutter that gathers throughout the winter. Got rid of several projects I have always intended to do, by giving them away. Felt better than good. The girls are planning a yardsale together in the near future at Ashlee & Paul's and are cleaning out their rooms and getting rid of stuff.

Larry, Paul & Ashlee and I rode our bikes up to Bridal Veil Falls. I am hoping as I stick with it, it will get easier. It kicks my butt everytime. I am happy to say I am now 15 pounds lighter with many more to go. I am trying to just take one day at a time.

Ransom's long time friend Cord & Whitney are here from Phoenix to visit. It was wonderful to see them both. When I see Ransom & Cord together, it makes me smile big. I have never met anyone that is like either one of them... they are two of a kind! Katie called with a surprise... she & Conrad bought a miniature rabbit today. They are thinking about a name that Conrad can pronounce. The name 'poop' comes to mind because he says it all the time.

We could hear squeals outside tonight from Abby & her friends playing airsoft gun wars, probably from getting hit. Lindsey & Kelsie are working on sewing projects tonight. Summer is alive and well :)
Conrad & his first petRansom & CordMiranda, Dallen & Abby... nightime air soft wars


Becky said...

Brenda, you are a top notch bicyclist...I struggled to keep up with you last summer on the bike trail :) Sounds like everyone is busy with life. I can tell Conrad will be loving his new pet! Love you guys.

Birrell Family said...

Becky, in all honesty couldn't keep up with me because she had a flat back tire... she struggled as she road the bike trail from our house down to the lake. I couldn't figure out why I was kicking her trash and felt rather good about myself. As it turned out, she had to work 100x's harder then me :)

susana said...

Seriously Brenda? you rode your bike to Bridal Veil Falls? And you lived to blog about it? Amazing! I would have died...for sure. If I just coasted downhill from bridal veil..I would be proud. wow!

Marilyn said...

Wow! I'm seriously impressed with the bike ride. I've only been up there once-in a car!