Friday, May 15, 2009

Veggie Garnish

Lately, in my efforts to drop the pounds, I have been eating more than my share of veggies. Somedays I feel like I can't eat another vegetable. When I feel this way, the veggies on my plate become a garnish if you will. A token healthy color on my plate that makes me feel accomplished about my new way of life and makes my plate look good, yet I have no intention of eating them. My family is on to me and they smile :)


Marilyn said...

Thanks for being so available to help me out with the HM stuff! I love your blog and I am super jealous of your fabulous weather right now-we are preparing to enter into the "hibernation phase" of the year...hmmm...sounds like a good blog post to me! When I'm headed back your way-I'll come by again. Who knows what other exciting stuff you'll have to share? P.S. I love the veggie garnish! P.P.S.S. I have a really handsome returned missionary son headed up your way for summer session at BYU so if you hear of any jobs????????? (not that I'm biased or anything)

Becky said...

I love green beans...I'll eat them. I'm proud of you Brenda. I know how hard it is to eat healthy!

susana said...

The way I like asparagus..
First wash, dry and cut off the hard ends (throw them away) and then cut the good parts up into about 1 inch pieces.
Fill a pan halfway with water, bring to a boil. Add the asparagus and reduce heat and simmer (about 2mins) and then drain it and put them into ice water to keep them from going limp, then drain and dry them again (paper towels).. In another bowl put 2-4 Tbs of olive oil and parmesan cheese and grated lemon peel (or a little lemon juice). While the asparagus is still kind of warm, put them in the bowl and toss. Add salt and pepper. It is really good this way and not slimy.
Try it sometime. I love asparagus. And because I am totally bored right now, I thought I would share. ;-)