Friday, April 3, 2009

Tennessee Friday

We are slugs again today. Ash didn't shower, look in the mirror or get dressed all day. She went to the market with Ethan and fit right in. It's comfortable here. I tell myself there always has to be a last day... the kind of day that seems like it's wasted because you just wander around not feeling like doing anything other than just being together. You know that saying goodbye is just around the corner and your mind is in both worlds and your heart is sad. Today was cold and windy. Scott came home for lunch and we had homemade soup. Ashlee & Ethan made yummy pretzels in cool shapes and played Nintendo. I believe he kicked her trash. I went for a walk up in the hills to think. Ashlee's goal is to try new things, so her Uncle Scott made her some stewed Rhubarb. She tried it and liked it. I looked at it and couldn't bring myself to try it. It's hard not to notice that Ashlee's chest comes up to Scott's waist. Becky made oven fried chicken and it was sure good! Afterwards we played Phase 10. We are all packed to go home...
1. Ethan & Ashlee making pretzels 2. Pretzels 3. Dinner
4. Pretzel making 5. Becky & Ash dinnertime
6. Ashlee's table runner she made Becky 1. Nintendo 2. My walk 3. Lunchtime
4. Charles and his Radical Academy T-shirt
5. Scott petting his moose, Samson 6. Becky at the table
1. Ethan & Scott Phase 10 2. Scott & Ash trying the stewed Rhubarb
3. Becky 4. Brenda & Charles 5. Ash & Ethan 6. Brenda & Charles

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