Friday, March 27, 2009

Traveling Light

When we got home last night, Larry looked over our tickets and discovered we flew out at 7:30am instead of 9:15 like I told him. I could see him thinking... How do I manage to survive? I like airports. I like seeing people on their cell phones saying their goodbyes, knowing they each have their own story. I am still amazed I can be home in the morning and be with Becky in Tennessee in the afternoon. What a blessing! The guy behind us in line was impatient and swearing. I feel sorry for airport people. We were talking to the lady who was helping us and we decided that people need to realize they are just not that important and then they along with everyone else around them would be happier. This morning I couldn't help but notice the 80/20 rule was in full swing. 80% of people had blank looks on their faces and 20% were happy & smiling. We almost missed our flight just sitting in the airport. For some reason we were talking and didn't hear the final calls. They called our last names out over the speaker. Duh! We were only 10 feet from the gate. Larry got me a wireless card and now I can blog anywhere. Sweet!

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susana said...

happy trails! Tell Becky hello. Im sure it will be a wanderful trip