Thursday, March 26, 2009

Celebrating Paul #30

We celebrated Paul's Bday tonight. He hits the big 30 milestone tomorrow. Even though Ash & I will be gone, Larry and the rest will put on their party hats and take him to dinner and I'm pretty sure he will be going to Cabela's today! Paul is one of a kind. He likes to research and investigate before purchasing or making anything. He puts such thought into things. I like when he sings little made up songs and dances like he is playing sports. You can count yourself lucky if you witness his dribbling, going for a jump shot or out for a pass dance moves. They are amazing. He can hide around any corner all ready to scare the heck out of anyone that comes along. We can hear Lindsey squeal from miles away when Paul is around. He likes to sneak over to our place and watch CSI because Ash doesn't like to watch them. He loves to work out and is shy about showing us is guns (muscles). He is a good big brother to the girls and is very protective. He has a deep, tender soul. I like and need the times when he talks me through things that I'm feeling. We are so blessed to have him in our family. We love you Paul!


Becky said...

Happy Birthday Paul! I feel like I'm the one with the gift having Ashlee here. Thanks for having her come! I love her so much and I'll give her a great big hug for you.

paul & ashlee said...

Well turning 30 wasn't that bad. And yea, I had a really good time with every one before you and ash left. I hope your having fun. Thank you so much for everything, And thank you for making me feel apart of the family. Its so good to be part of wonderful amazing family. You and Larry really out do your selves on kinds towards me. Thank you and I love you guys tons. Paul

paul & ashlee said...

sorry about the miss spell, i was trying to say kindness. :) oh well.

Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

Ashlee-nice shirt. I can spot a cougar fan from a mile away now that I am outside of Utah.
Paul-Happy birthday. It was nice to see you again a few months ago. I am sure you will look much older the next time I see you since you are now in another decade.