Friday, March 27, 2009

Tennessee Arrival

We made it to Tennessee! The lady next to us on the airplane asked if we would be offended if she changed her baby's stinky diaper. I told her I would be more offended if she didn't :) We played 'choose your husband' at the airport. Choices were very limited. Ashlee complained a lot about airplane air and how stinky it was.

As we were waiting at the baggage claim, we asked a nice gentleman to take our photo for our blog. We said at the same time, smiling & giggling... 'we are bloggers!' Afterwards he said that we didn't need him to tell us to have fun. I am happy to be with Becky. It's raining here. Becky talked in Randy language telling us Randy stories all the way home from the airport. The redbuds are in bloom and the dogwoods will follow soon. We came home to homemade stew, biscuits and Ashlee's peach jam. Her home is filled with love, you can feel it. It feels like home. Becky is very nurturing to Scott. Right now he is pretty miserable with his unpassed kidney stone. We watched a Hallmark movie and surprisingly, Scott told us in depth what it was all about. Odd, because he must have watched it earlier by himself. There is a gentleness with Scott when he is with us girls. Ethan is so much like Scott, Randy is away at college, Charles is amazing and participating in a special project for TV this summer. Each one of the boys is so different and wonderful. Right now Ashlee and Uncle Scott are in a deep discussion about titanium planes.. Ashlee appears interested. How high is 80,000 feet? asks Scott...."really high" replied Ashlee! Now they are onto a discussion of red meat and Ashlee vows to eat more... doubtful. I pray this week goes by really slow.

Ashlee, Becky & Brenda

Ashlee & Charles
Settling in together 1. Scott & Charles 2. Ethan & Ashlee 3. Scott & Ashlee 4. Scott & Becky
5. Scott & Becky 6. Ethan, Brenda & Ashlee

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Bark said...

That whole baby deal sounds like a lose - lose situation!
And I never found out from you how to do the things with all of the pictures in one!