Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tennessee Saturday

We woke up to bisquits & gravy for breakfast and finished up with a dinner of Country Cube Steak & mashed potatoes. Becky's cooking reminds us we are in the heart of the country. Becky made 3 desserts in the morning that we need to bring for the picnic after church tomorrow with the Vissers and Kris & Steve. Scott started cutting up and eating the brownies while they were still hot from the oven. She made a yummy sour cream/lemon pound cake too and again, slices started to be missing... I was wondering if Becky would be able to bake faster then they were being eaten. Becky did giggle and tell me I was roly poly as I bent down to pick up a crumb off the kitchen floor.

Katie Coon got to come out and play. She has been in the family now for 12 years and you can see how much she trusts and adores Scott. She likes to roam the land and discover new things, sometimes being able to stay over night up in the barn... but always comes back to Scott.

We played Rummikub and Becky was a pitiful loser until she realized the 3 winners of the night came from the "Little" family. Discovering this, she proudly announced that everything they learned, they learned from her... making Becky too a winner (in her head). She is happier now and can sleep better tonight, probably more determined than ever to kick trash.

Samson's antlers fell off today. He shakes his head and I think he is happy to have all that weight & bulkiness off. Their elk herd is now up to four. They are so majestic standing at the top of the hill. They come to the fence when they see Becky & Scott.

We went to Yoder's, an amish market and Becky treated Ashlee to a bunch of good basic food to make Paul. That store can inspire anyone to become a good country cook. We did talk to the boys about choosing a girl one day that values home & family. The boys are trying to beat my score of 222 on the bubble game. They will be unable to do so, but it gives them something to strive for this week. Duke got fixed and has what looks to be a satellite dish or lampshade around his head for 2 weeks. We stopped off to see Charles working on his Fiero with friends and one quick look at his face made us realize he was serious when he said 'don't come visit me'. Who knew? Even I knew better than to take his picture this time.

It's good to see Ashlee all grown up and learning from Becky and talking with Scott. She loves being with the boys too. Tonight while she was doing the dinner dishes, Ethan joined in to help her and they just spent time together. She and Charles stayed up late after Rummikub and chatted. Scott still doesn't feel good with a soon-to-be-passing kidney stone looming over him. Today we talked and laughed about past memories and made new ones. Other than being home, this is my hands down favorite place to be.
-Brenda1. Becky making Sour Cream Lemon Pound Cake 2. Brenda & Becky
3. Scott sneaking Cream Cheese Brownies 4. Ethan & Charles
trying to beat my bubble game score 5. Ethan finding the 2nd elk antler
6. Duke with a lamp shade on his head

1. Becky, Brenda & Ashlee with an employee of Yoder's Amish market
2. Becky hoarding dark chocolate 3. Ashlee figuring out what to for sure
get 4. Ethan & Brenda 5. The barn 6. Ash & Becky at Yoder's

1. Samson 2. Scott talking to Samson 3. Becky & Brenda
4. Ash & Scott 5. Scott 6. Brenda feeding Katie Coon

1. Ethan & Ash 2.Ethan & Ash washing dishes
3. Scott & Ethan mulching 4. Country Cube Steak
5. Scott & Tiger 6. The barn

1. Ash & Becky 2. Charles 3. Becky may be losing?
4. Becky & Ethan 5. Ethan & Brenda 6. Becky & Scott

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Kim said...

Brenda, I must know . . . who is that guy in the last set of pictures that has the dark hair, gorgeous brown eyes, and is wearing a plaid shirt? He's mighty fine lookin'! So come on, give me the deets! Who is he? Is he single?, etc, etc. Help a sister out, here!