Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tennessee Sunday

Today we went to church with Kris & Steve and the Vissers. It's a community church over in Mountain City. I love coming to this church for several reasons. I love how humble the people are. They don't care if they wear specific clothing, they just love the Lord and come in whatever they are wearing and all are welcome...some in dresses, others in levis. I love the praise music... the upbeat, simple words, the guitars & drums. It makes me feel joyful and it doesn't even matter that I stink at singing, I sing with all my heart. I would add praise music to the LDS church in a heart beat. Most of all, I love the spirit in this humble cement block building. I do personally believe that the only true way back to God is through faith in Him and love & service to one another... everything else builds on that.

We went to Vissers afterwards for dinner...plenty of non-stop visiting and catching up. Picture taking is always a joy for me, Becky taught the younger Visser girls some dancing 101 moves with the help of Scott & played pool, Ashlee & Holly talked about babies, shooting guns, playing with the farm animals and yes little Gregory may be gifted and read words off of cue cards at age 2, but he also did a good job peeing on the pool table today :)

We drove over in Scott's 1973 green Buick Electra. I have to admit I didn't think it would make the 2.5 hour drive, so I asked three times. Becky finally said, 'Brenda. Scott wants to do this.' We brought a card game just in case.

We've known the Visser family for 12+ years now since my Dad and Kris moved to Tennessee from Grass Valley, Calif. Through the years they have become very dear friends. My Dad passed away nearly 8 years ago and Kris remarried 3 years ago to Steve.

We came home and played rummikub... but mostly talked & laughed. Scott is still not feeling well.
-Brenda1. Pastor Ron & wife Nancy 2. Ashlee brought homemade peach
jam to share with everyone 3. The 1973 Buick Electra
4. Steve & KrisFerguson 5. Becky talking with the Visser kids
6. Shooting

1. John & Holly, Faith, John and Destiny 2. Laura, Shay,
Brooklyn & Martina 3. Brenda, Becky & Ashlee with girls
4. Forrest & Brittany, Gregory and Eden 5. Karen & Greg
6. The girls

1. Karen & the girls 2. Becky & Scott dancing with the girls
3. Becky dancing with the girls 4. Llama 5. Goat 6. Brenda & Karen

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