Sunday, March 1, 2009

Love Dinner

It's tradition. Larry & I pick a night around Valentines Day to make a special love dinner for the girls... I believe their husbands like this night too! It's a time to let them know how loved & appreciated they are. I usually send out invites, but in the busyness of this year, they got a call from their dad to give them the when & where. Tonight we made a roast dinner, then played a game where we took turns writing down words to describe each person, using their initials... enlightening to say the least. Conrad was entertained by the music & dancing of his Aunts and Ashlee made her chocolate molten cakes with fresh raspberry sauce. Double Chocolate Yum!

We have always had fun being together in the kitchen. I think it's because we raised a houseful of daughters. Their growing up years were filled with playing restaurant & short order cook lunches, taped cooking shows and playing store... something that still continues today :)
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Becky said...

I would love to be at your "love dinner". The food looks scrumptious, the entertainment divine and to be with family. I know your girls (and now the men) love this annual tradition. Thanks for the pictures! Miss you all.