Monday, March 2, 2009

101 Dalmations

Everyone can remember their first love. For Conrad it's 101 Dalmations.... over and over again. His eyes light up and never leave the TV screen as he sticks to Grandpa's side. Your heart is stolen when he barks like a dog in his little boy voice.

We took Kelsie out for dinner tonight to celebrate her scholarship. I gave her a heads up at 4pm to pick a place... by 6pm she had them pecked down to four and finally settled on Bajio Grill. Yeah Kelsie! One decision down and a lifetime to go!

Click here for downloadable high res photos


Becky said...

For Randy it was Dumbo and Ethan loved Fox and the Hound. Loved the pictures, capturing Conrad's expression and Grandpa's! Conrad is blessed to have such a wonderful Grandpa!

Becky said...

I keep going back to this blog to look at Conrad and his expressions. I could just eat him up!!