Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday To Do's

Today we woke up to what we knew would be a sun up to sun down work day. It's 50 degrees and is officially spring in our eyes, Larry has brought out the shorts :) There is no going back now! Everyone has caught the bug... we are wiping down rooms, the girls are cleaning out their bedrooms too! I started my day in my pj's and am ending it in the same pjs... not a good looking day.

Abby is staying close to home today working on her photography assignment for school... the red barn across the street. She has to take a picture of it every 15 minutes from 6:30am to 8:30pm. She is annoyed and bored all rolled into one... a waste of a perfectly good Saturday.

Larry and I went over to Katie & Ransom's this morning and gave them their Christmas present... creating a 'Love Nest' for them. We painted their bedroom a soft Robin's Egg blue and sewed dark brown curtains. Then I made a little list to complete the room and will finish this week. It looks completely peaceful.

We have been clearing out everything in our house this winter and putting it in the garage for the thrift store or to sale. Today we took pictures of everything we want to sale and will list them on It feels SO GOOD to clear out the things that we don't need or want and SIMPLIFY! Spring can't come soon enough! We ended our day with a hamburger Bbq.
Click here for downloadable high res photos

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Becky said...

Work days are so fun with family. Looks like you had a good helper with painting! All your snow has melted, a sign spring is around the corner. I am so ready for spring this year too. I still can't get over how Abby is growing and changing. Love you sweetie. Pictures are the next best thing to being there. Thanks Sis