Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Groovy Moves

Could this dancing come from the excitement of me leaving for Tennessee on Friday? Or the excitement Pebbles is feeling having me gone for a week? Or are we just feeling extra comfy in our hoodies during this cold, snowy weather and a little cooped up? Whatever it was, it only lasted until we saw the pictures and we promptly stopped :)
Brenda & Josh


Mackey Family said...

You guys are so silly. And I am the luckiest girl around cuz i get Joshy and all he killer dancing moves all to myself!! Ha! I love Pebbles and how comfortable it is to be there. I love how you are always willing to have a good laugh or a silly conversation. You are always so inviting to be with and I love how much you adore cherishing memories and how you are ALWAYS ready to snap a picture!!! (ready or not!) Brenda, you are one in a million!!

Decker Family said...

The dancing is cute- but the Crocs? OMG.