Saturday, February 7, 2009

24 Tonight

We knew before we woke up that tonight was reserved for Jack Bauer. We save up several weeks of 24 and then all get together and watch it like a movie. Some of the kids don't get the Fox channel, plus it's too intense to watch it in 40 minute chunks anyway!

Today I was gone to the Heritage Makers regional meeting in Salt Lake. I need to decide if I want to pursue teaching classes at Pebbles with their product or not. I'm still undecided. I love their product, but my time is limited. Larry and some of the kids cleaned up the basement at Pebbles.

When I got home, I was sent out of the kitchen. Under Lindsey's guidance, Larry & the kids surprised me with dinner. I could hear clanging around in the kitchen but couldn't figure out what they were making. All I knew was it smelled good! They made sliders... those little baby hamburgers like they served at the Harley Davidson place. They were out of this world yummy! Then they had me close my eyes and brought out a plate heaped full of chocolate covered strawberries they had dipped. Wow! I shared them with everyone and I believe there are some leftover for breakfast :)

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Becky said...

Wow! Would you look at all those strawberries. Your family loves you Brenda. Have fun watching 24 all together. Give everyone hugs!

ty and megs said...

brenda! your blog is so joyful!! consider me a regular reader from now on!

and can you have ashley make me a tart? those look to die for. and while we're at it, i'll take a slider {or 5} too.

Becky said...

I was just looking at the pictures again and noticed how tall Abby is getting. Way to grow Abby! All your sisters are looking up to you:)