Sunday, February 8, 2009

Turkey Heaven

There are very few dinners that everyone in our family can agree is one of their favorites. Turkey dinner is one of them. Can it get any better? Larry makes the best Cherry Glazed Turkey Breast. Afterwards we played our version of Scattegories, we all lose our minds as we try to beat the timer. I also just finished labeling and cleaning up all of our 2008 photos, just in time to make room for the 2009 memories.

Today at church we talked about the difference between joy/happiness and fun/pleasure. We each made our list of favorite things and crossed them off as we talked about joy. The world tells us that life is all about fun & pleasure. But joy comes from God and is the only way to true lasting happiness. The things left on everyone's list were family, friends, service to others and living the gospel... of course we all agreed that we still need to balance our lives with plenty of good, clean fun too!
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Mackey Family said...

You have to love the Birrell family! Spending as much time together as possible, it's a wonderful thing! It always looks like fun!!!

Douglass Family said...

Oh how I love your blog. You would be SO proud brenda, I FINALLY updated our family blog, and "caught up" on my personal blog. I am going to do better dang it! So great to see you at the show. Love the new products!

Becky said...

Is Scattergories the game where you see how many words you can make from a word on a card? Larry's cherry glazed turkey breast is wonderful...send me the recipe:)

Birrell Family said...

Make a grid 6 across and 6 down. Leave the top left square blank.

Place 5 topics going down on left side. Make up any topics you want like:
Food item
Sport Gear
Vacation Spots

Then you pick a 5 letter word like
R A M B O and place the letters going across. Make up any word you want. Then set the timer for 5-7 minutes and start filling words in that begin with those letters.
Go around the table, take turns saying the words you have. If someone has the same word, cross it out. 1 word = 1 point. A double word like baseball bat = 2 points. A triple word = 3 points.

This is a way fun game if you try not to over think it... my mind goes blank a lot :)

ps. Nothing beats our Rummikub!!!