Friday, February 6, 2009

It's Friday!

At work today, it became strangely quiet as I stepped out of my office. No one was around and the door to the design room was closed. Hmmm? I stepped around to the back and caught them all watching an old video tape that Katie should not have brought to Pebbles. Me after leg surgery, high on pain killers... poems about tacos and saving the worms on rainy days. Bizarrely ugly to say the least. I told them all I hated them and then took their picture... what can I say? I am a blogger :)

Kelsie & I went to Nordstrom for a makeup appointment with Sandy. It was good to see my beautiful niece. As we were walking in, I couldn't help but notice a girl walking in with her hair spiked... it kinda matched my uncombed, patted down hair. But on her it looked cool, on me ? Well I looked like I patted down my hair. My haircut appointment can't come soon enough :)

The majority of the day I felt like throwing up whenever I thought about the stimulus package our government leaders are trying to ram down our throats (spending package). Since when is it right to spend our children's future money in such an irresponsible way? Whatever happened to making cuts and getting on a budget like the average American family? I agree something needs to be done, but this one is beyond dumb. It is reckless & stupid.

Tonight we are watching The Express (real good) and Indiana Jones 4 (goofy but entertaining) and are hanging out at home in our jammies. Abby has all of her friends in the neighborhood over playing games. I know it's a Friday night and the social possibilities are endless, but staying home, especially when it's cold and rainy outside is a treat. Between work, my workouts and the 'stimulus spending' package I am pooped.

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Becky said...

When ever it's that quiet, someone is up to no good or in your case, it was everyone! You and anesthesia don't mix:) Scott and I are both concerned about the "Porkulus" package also. (That's what he calls it). He has left messages for the our Senator and the President voicing his concerns.