Monday, January 26, 2009

CHA Day Two

We are now suffering from effects of the trade show. I think it happens to everyone in trade shows around the world. One day melds into another and you slowly lose your mind. I long to be outside. It is hard to stay in a 20x20 booth and say the same thing over and over again and it's easy to start mumbling. Sometimes I have to stop myself from saying blah, blah, blah. But on a good note, the day is broken up by a visit here and there from friends in this market and it's also wonderful to see our customers who we love & appreciate. This year the economy seems to be on everyone's minds, whether their business is here in the US or overseas. We are more tired today then we were yesterday. This show is 1/2 day too long... it should have been over today. Home feels so far away, receiving texts has been good though. We had an emergency evacuation in the morning. Everyone left, I stayed and cut paper.
Top left: 1) Erika Clayton & I 2) Josh & Bonnie 3) Brenda, Ash, Richard & Kyle of Obrien 4) Jane Seymore 5 Miss Vicky & I 5) Brenda, Josh, Steve & Lisa of Crate Paper

Top left: 1) Brenda, Josh, Bob & Rob 2) Brenda & Jody Hunt of My Mind's Eye 3) Emergency Evacuation 4) Bonnie, Kristia & Richard Lowton of Scrapdoodles, UK 5) Brenda & Rebecca of Scrapblog 6) Pebbles with Matt & Jessica & Sofia of Flexo-One

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Becky said...

Og my gosh...hob knobbin around with the likes of Jane Seymore! My professional sister in the professional world! You all look great but I can imagine you are very tired! Hopefully you're home by the time you read this. Love you