Sunday, January 25, 2009

CHA Day One

Day One Memories: The best part about the show is seeing friends in the scrapbook industry and catching up on each others lives. I am doing my best to stay inside our 20x20 booth. I have to fight the urge not to take flight and walk around. Ash, Lindsay & Josh found out that Paris Hilton was coming to the show at 3pm and quickly ran to catch a glimpse of her. Why she has a craft line at CHA is a hard thing to get my brain around. What craft could she possibly be interested in? The crowds are down substantially, but those that are here love our booth and product. We did have a customer that told Lindsay she 'strongly' hated the Linnie Bell line (Lindsay created it). I can't help but notice that Lindsay turns on the bath water every time she goes to the bathroom... peculiar. Then Ash wanted to try it. Then I experienced it first hand and thought it was way dumb and had no real purpose.

It was good to see Adrian from Qbaroo and every time I do, I think about the CHA show a few years ago. I am not sure why I would even share this with anyone... My sister Bonnie, Adrian and I were talking and I accidently passed gas silently. Now in hind sight, I should have quietly guided them to a slightly different location (in this case area code). I think when you travel, they are extra toxic. We kept talking, but the aroma drifted up and just lingered inside our circle... dead animal bad. All I could think was Adrian would think it was Bonnie. Bonnie already knew it was me. Whenever I see Adrian, I can't help but smile :)

Once again, we worked through breakfast & lunch and went to Coco's for dinner ... close by and quick. The chicken fried steak was soooo good. It was nice to sit down. I miss my family.

The beginning of day one...

The backside of our booth...

Paris Hilton dropped by to debu her new line of crafting products
Top left: 1) Brenda & Lindsay Ostrom 2) Our new ribbon packages 3) Brenda & Karen Crisp 4) Bonnie, Brenda & Adrian Lazenby of Qbaroo 5) Brenda, Ashlee, Wayne Mitchell of American Crafts 6) Paris Hilton 7) Brenda & Chris Skinner of EK Success 8) Josh & show order
9) Brenda & Leslie Lee

Top Left: 1) Pebbles flair buttons 2) Bonnie & Josh 3) Pebbles Chipboard Chips 4) Greg & Celina Moncur 5) Ash & Lindsay 6) Brenda, Marilyn & Kathleen 7) Josh & Darth Vader 8) Share & Tell album 9) Sales


Becky said...

Up at 6:00 and the first thing I did was check your blog. Brenda, you look great and I love the blue sweater. I bet that Josh keeps everyone sane during this stressful weekend! Hello to Bonnie, Ashlee and Lindsay (forget the bath water).... I'm proud of you all!

Anonymous said...

Your booth looked great. Loved the backside, Darth Vader, and seeing you and Ashley. Welcome home!

HBC said...

Looks awesome! It's making me want to be more crafty...makes me want to go shopping at Pebbles. :)