Thursday, December 4, 2008

Disneyland Day 2

Disneyland opened an hour early for us today… only thing was most of the rides were not open yet. Lindsey lost her ticket, but luckily found it. Abby promised she would go on some rides with Lindsey but so far it’s been 0. A few in our group were in line at Peter Pan and as they waited, more of us would butt in line, climbing over the railings making the total 24. The people in line behind us mumbled that they would now have an extra 5 minute wait. Mumblers bother me... they should just speak up, it would be less annoying. Dancing in the streets to High School Musical. Kelsie lost her phone on Toy Story, but found it. Sharing dinners at IHop. We had the sweetest waiter and his name was Angel... imagine that! Waiting in line 45 minutes for a cream cheese pretzel for Lindsey. Zach asked me who Kelsie was texting all the time, ‘I think they like each other’ he said with a smile. We learned our 9 year old Zach likes a girl named Mallory and hopes the Two Little Lover’s Sitting in a Tree K I S S I N G song that his cousin was singing comes true for him someday. We hope so too Zach! Still no energy left to watch a movie tonight.
Betty & Joe and some of their grandchildren

I think Kelsie will try to spell Josh until she gets it right
This time Cameron got it wrong :)

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