Friday, November 28, 2008

Shooting Pumpkins

Do you know what the best part about decorating with a lot of pumpkins is? Shooting them up afterwards! We went shooting with Ransom's family to our favorite trashy place up Squaw Peak. It's the kind of place that you take a couple of boxes of garbage in and you end up taking a couple of boxes of someone else's garbage out... either way, there is plenty of garbage always left. Today we shot lightbulbs, pumpkins, shaken soda pop cans that explode wonderfully and some clay pigeons. After that we shot up anything that looked like it could be shot at again and again! I am so glad Larry got me a 20gauge shot gun for by Bday last year. It's pretty nifty. We really like when Ransom's family comes to visit and I am so happy we get to share our love of Conrad with them. We are looking forward to shooting pumpkins & junk over the Christmas Holidays :)
Larry & Brenda Birrell and Paul Ward
Cole, Marian, Ransom & Conrad, Emily, Ryan & David Bigelow
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paul & ashlee said...

nothing scares me more sometimes, than you with a shotgun. you get this look in your eye...

Becky said...

We are much more serious about target practice in Tennessee..we use paper plates! I'll take pictures at the next "shoot out". If you keep up the practice, I think you could be quite competitive!

Anonymous said...

Brenda! Hi, this is Jeff Lee - I found your looks great! Also, our blog is - hope all is well! Talk soon.