Friday, November 28, 2008

Picking out our Tree

It's the day after Thanksgiving and as I laid in bed, I thought of the leftover lemon meringue pie. A smile came to my face, my heart skipped a beat and I jumped up and had some for breakfast! Yum!

Today is the day we head over to Alpine to pick out our Christmas tree at the tree farm. It's tradition! The hard part comes as we all try to agree on what tree to choose.... not always easy to do with so many opinions. The only one that doesn't have an opinion is my Larry. I believe he would chop down the first tree he saw and get home within 20 minutes... Hmmm. Actually I don't think he would even go through the effort of having a tree. He does so many of these things just because it makes us happy :)

My favorite tree memory? About 10 years ago, Larry used bungie cords to tie the tree down to the top of our old blue van and as we drove down the freeway, the tree flipped off and landed in the middle of traffic. Larry kept driving and would not have stopped had it not been for all of our screams. He went back and reluctantly dragged the broken up tree off the road. Do you know what a tree looks like when it hits asphalt at 70 mph? Well it sure doesn't have a pretty side, but still we kept our tree and smiled at the memory that Christmas... we still do :)


Anonymous said...

It looks like fun. I'll have to call and find out where you go. We haven't had a real tree in forever - have a great day!

paul & ashlee said...

i remember thinking that dad would be okay without a christmas tree as he kept driving. almost ruined my childhood! that was really funny!

Dennen and Hilary Frazier said...

I ate pie for breakfast too!

Becky said...

I love blogging cause in a way I can almost actually be there and be with you all. Thanks Brenda. Love you guys tons and miss you too.