Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Conrad #1

Sunday was Conrad's #1 Bday. He has gone from newborn to an uncontainable little boy and we have loved watching every moment. Ransom & Katie invited us over for a yummy dinner and birthday dessert. Watching Conrad eat a brownie as fast as possible was very entertaining and disturbing at the same time. He was a happy, happy boy playing with his new toys. I think he must be the most good natured kid in the entire world.

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Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

What a fun family you all have. I look forward to being able to see what you guys are doing--thanks for the invite. As a side note, I hope my Katie doesn't look at your old posts, she is dying to see HSM 3. Keep those posts coming!

PS-Happy first birthday Conrad

marcus and amanda said...

Can't beleive he is already 1! How fun! P.S. we had lunch with Dr. Davis today at Costco...he said good things about you and Pebbles!