Wednesday, November 12, 2008

OHS Planning for the Future

I met Kelsie over at OHS this morning with Dave Groesbeck, her counselor. He has been so good to our girls through the years as they work through their class schedules and best teachers. He had to about bend Kelsie's arm to take the Librarian Aid job this year, which has turned out to be her favorite class :)

He encouraged Kelsie to take the ACT one last time in hopes for a full ride, four year renewable scholarship and talked about college choices. She has a lot to think & pray about. Right now she seems to be interested in nursing which would be a great fit for her personality. She loves to serve others and would have a secure job with darn good pay. Hard to believe she is a senior. You know... kids grow up way too fast... sooner then we are ready to let go of them.


surfer and the hippie said...

Kelsie - I agree with your mom. You're fabulous, have lots of choices because of the good choices you make, and good luck on the ACT. (tests-blech) Thanks for being you.

Dennen and Hilary Frazier said...

Does she know where she wants to go to school?

bulkleybunch said...

kelsie is going to be successful in whatever she does. what an amazing soul!!! too bad groosebeck didn't twist her arm into taking dance 3. :(