Sunday, November 9, 2008

They're Back

Larry, Ash & Kels got home today from St. George and it's nice to have them back. It's been a lazy kind of day. It was Robert Packham's farewell and Larry & I went over to see him. We love our Robstar! Abby is especially happy they are back. I don't think she could take one more night snuggling with me. When we would go to bed, I asked if she wanted to snuggle and she just looked at me and said she would after she falls asleep. So a few minutes go by and she seems to be sleeping deeply. Finally, I started laughing. I asked her how will I know when you are sleeping? She said if I would quit talking, she would fall asleep faster. She finally did and the snuggling began.

Last night there was a knock at the door when Linds, Abs & I were making dinner. I went to the front & side door and no one was there. Hmmm? So I went back into the kitchen. Then again, another knock and no one is there. This time I am thinking, boy that Paul is fast. I knew it had to be him. Only this time, as I was walking back into the kitchen he jumped out of the closet by the front door and scared me to death. Creepy! He was already inside the house and we didn't know it. I thought my heart would stop beating, I screamed so badly and smacked him and then smacked him again.

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